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Laurel, Maryland 20708
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Why Choose Us

Comprehensive Home Health Care Services

A holistic approach to a complete health care solution - find it at TLC Care Services, Inc. We are composed of licensed and accredited staff to provide comprehensive home health services.

Paying Attention to Your Needs

Being injured, ill or frail are situations that bring forth challenges in daily living. Our function is to pay attention to your needs during such delicate situations and provide you with the appropriate response.

Maximizing your Health at Home

The main idea of home health care is to bring professional skilled services straight to your home. No travel hassles. Just direct care. We maximize your stay at home by making you feel comfortable while we administer care services as prescribed by your physician.

Immediate Response

We don't hang around and wait for a better solution to your health problems at home. No, we don't operate that way. Because our organization fosters an attitude of being proactive, we apply principles in health care and customer service that will enable you to get the response you need right when you need it.

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